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Judo Intervarsities 2011 Results

I know this is almost 3 months late, but these are the official results for the All Ireland Intervarsities competition 2011:


Mens Open

  1. Jonathon Heron UUJ
  2. Ciaran Nolan DIT
  3. Sean O’Doherty QUB
  4. Jt Deenihan UL


Mens -90kg

  1. Jonathon Heron UUJ
  2. John Deenihan
  3. Stephen Bradshaw
  4. Luke McCabe WIT


Mens 100+ kg

  1. Lennart Neums TCD
  2. Alex Henken TCD
  3. John Griffin ITT
  4. Jamie Kevany McMahon ITT


Mens -100kg

  1. Enda O Connor NUIG
  2. Jared Monaghan UCC
  3. Andrew Mulligan / Tuguldur DIT / Andrew Monaghan


Mens -81kg

  1. JT Deenihan UL
  2. Sean O’Doherty QUB
  3. Adam Ahmed NUIG
  4. Stefan Meyer UCC


Mens -73kg

  1. Adam Corcoran TCD
  2. Peter Kavanagh QUB
  3. Cormac O’Sullivan DCU
  4. Alexandrs Dolotovs DIT


Mens -66kg

  1. Enda Hackett UCC
  2. Cormac Molloy TCD
  3. Eamon Doyle NUIG
  4. Conal Hegarty NUIG


Mens -60kg

  1. Annesley Cuttle UUC


Mens Novice (white belt)

  1. James O’Leary UCC
  2. Slavyan Mitkov UCC
  3. Jack Price DIT
  4. Eoin Norton TCD


Ladies Open

  1. Olga Lyashevska QUB
  2. Fiona Keating NUIG


Ladies 78 + kg

  1. Sarah Kelly UCC



Ladies -78kg

  1. Olga Lyashevska QUB
  2. . Sarah Farrell DCU


Ladies -70kg

  1. Fiona Keating NUIG
  2. Deirdre Higgins QUB
  3. Venina Kalistrova TCD


Ladies -63kg

  1. Sarah McDaid QUB
  2. Catherine Ortel TCD
  3. Cathy Mulligan NUIG
  4. Sarah Dillon NUIG


Ladies -57kg

  1. Kirsty Kee QUB
  2. Alina Sirbu DCU
  3. Claire O’Brien DCU


Ladies -52kg

  1. Nam Hwa Soon UL
  2. Rosemary Bramante


Mens Upper Kyu

  1. Lennart Neums TCD
  2. Adam Ahmed NUIG
  3. Colin Tiernan DIT
  4. Alex Henken TCD


Ladies Upper Kyu

  1. Catherine Ortel TCD
  2. Fiona Keating NUIG
  3. Claire O’Brien DCU


Men’s Middle Kyu

  1. Stephen Bradshaw NUIG
  2. Joe O’Carroll TCD
  3. Eoin Crockett CIT
  4. Brian Walshe TCD





Ladies Lower Kyu

  1. Nam Hwa Soon UL
  2. Diana Sandu TCD
  3. Orla Tumulty UCC
  4. Sarah O’Farrell DCU


Men’s Lower Kyu

  1. Vitalis Smirnovs UL
  2. Kieran Tumulty UCC
  3. John Griffin ITT
  4. Kevin Lanigan UCC


Ladies Team

  1. Queens
  2. NUIG
  3. TCD
  4. DCU


Mens Team

  1. DIT A team
  2. DCU
  3. UCC A team
  4. ITT


Men’s Veterans

1. Dónall Tanamm


Women’s Veterans

No entrants.


Congratulations to everyone who participated, and good luck to Queens University Belfast who will be hosting the event next February!







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Intervarsities Update #2 – Veterans

The All Ireland University Judo Championships 2011 will see the revival of the Veterans competition category!

This will be an open weight category that will be open for anyone that has ever competed in the Intervarsities in the past. You don’t need to be a student, so you won’t need a student card. You can apply by contacting your old club and they will put your name down on the entry forms which have been posted out to them.

The deadline for entries is February 11. If you want to compete but you can’t contact your old club (or they don’t exist any more) you can apply through us – just send us an email and let us know who you are!

Weigh in is Friday 18th February in the DCU Sports Centre, from 6pm – 9pm. Tickets for the awards ceremony and meal are €28 and can be booked through your club until Thursday 17th Feb.

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Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt!

We’re running a fundraiser for the club on Tuesday the 30th of November. The game will begin when the teams pick up their starter packs in the DCU NuBar from 7pm onwards. They will then have until 11.30pm to find their way to the 5 pubs, using the clues we give them.

The prize

A hamper worth over €100 filled with booze, sweets and any other fun stuff we can get our hands on! It’s €5 per person, or €20 for a team of 5 people.

How to play:

Bring your team of up to 5 people to the NuBar and sign up between 7pm and 8pm on Tuesday 30th November. There you will receive your starter pack, with clues to the locations of the pubs you must find and questions and challenges you must complete to win points for your team.

Teams have until 11.30pm to reach the final pub. At that point we will add up all the teams’ points and determine the winners!

You get points for finding the pubs as well as for solving the puzzles and questions along the way. (This will get more difficult as the night goes on)

Team members must move together, and each of you must get a receipt for a drink or food in each pub. (drinks are worth more points than food, non-alcoholic IS allowed if you must.)

We will have supervisors waiting in the pubs along the way to help you out/give you new challenges to win extra points.

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Intervarsities Update # 1

The All Ireland University Judo Championships will be hosted by DCU Judo this year, and held in the DCU Sports Centre on Saturday the 19th February 2011. We’ll be aiming to keep the entry fees for the competition the same as they were in NUIG, last year.

The venue for the awards ceremony has been booked in the Clontarf Castle Hotel. Tickets for dinner will be approximately €28 – €30, depending on various other costs involved in running the event. It’s a really great (and swanky) venue, down the road from DCU and just off the dart line.

A weigh-in will be available in DCU the night before the competition for anyone coming up from the country. Also, the Travelodge in Ballymun, a fifteen minute walk from DCU, is offering €19 per night for the event – just to give ya an idea of costs.

We’ll be sending out emails with more information soon, so if you’re not sure if you’re on our mailing list make sure you leave a comment with your email and address!


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Training Resumes With New Members

Mick and Leia on the mats

This is one toddler you don’t wanna mess with! Mick and Eva’s daughter, only nine months old, stepped onto the mats last night during our first session for semester 1. Both Leia’s parents are black belts, so naturally she’s expected to be running the club by the end of the year.

Everyone was happy to be back on the mats after many a lazy summer. The first session back after a long break is always the toughest. Assumedly it will be all downhill from here…

Next week is Fresher’s week at DCU and the team is gearing up to welcome new members. We’ll be in The Hub all day next Tuesday and Wednesday pushing sign-ups and giving away goodies.

We’re also looking to find a new PR Officer to help promote the club around campus this year – anyone at all interested in being on a DCU Sports Club Committee should give us a shout!


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Most Improved Club

Above: Christine Maguire, Heather Murphy and Devin Anderson of DCU Judo, along with Alan Regan of MPS

The Clubs and Societies Awards 2010 were held in the Helix on the 30th of March. Among the nominees for Most Improved Club were the Camogie Club, Cycling Club, Hurling and Men’s Basketball. The Judo Club nomination was suspiciously omitted from the program, which made it all the more exciting when they were finally announced as the winners.

Father Joe of the interfaith centre presented representatives with the award for the first time in the history of the club.

The trophy can now be seen by peering through the window of Captain Guinan’s apartment in North Ballymun. Plans are already in motion to ensure that DCU Judo claims the title of Best Club 2011.

In other news…

Last Sunday Heather Murphy and Devin Anderson gave a series of judo demonstrations in Farmleigh house as part of the ‘Experience Japan’ festival.

For almost an hour the duo shamelessly promoted the club in front of hundreds of spectators. This included a history of Irish Judo and a demonstration of the chief principles on which the martial art is based.

The performance was well recieved by the crowd, especially the kids, who by the end could be heard from across the festival grounds cheering for “MORE THROWS!” The response overall was brilliant and the club will definitely be looking at holding more demonstrations in the future.



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National College Champions

Shown above, Champions: Kaylee Cherry, Alina Sirbu and Christine Maguire

On Friday the 19th of February, the DCU Judo sqaud headed to NUI Galway for the annual all Ireland intervarsities competition. Two days later they strutted victoriously home with a bag full of medals, and a shiney new plaque for the trophy cabinet.

Fielding entrants in almost every category, DCU won medals across the board. Cormac O’Sullivan plundered gold in the under 73kgs, and bronze in the Open Weight category.

Jeremy Galineau picked up bronze in the under 73kgs and quickly followed this up with a gold in the upper kyu – a highly sought after prize by any long-time practicing judoka.

Captain Anthony Guinan took bronze in the middle kyu category. He and his spunky sidekick, Andrew Monaghan, later placed second and third, respectively, in the under 90kgs.

No quarter was held for the more petit gentlemen in the tournament. In a hurricane of ippons Devin Anderson and Gary Livie made away with the Gold and Bronze from the under 60kg weight division.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the DCU women’s team made club history by winning the team event for the second time ever since the club opened. The intimidating shouts of Christine Maguire had their rivals on the back foot from the word Hajime. Alina Sirbu and Kaylee Cherry efficiently mopped up any further resistance before posing modestly for a victory photograph.

Alina also went on to win a gold in the women’s novice category, and Ms Cherry filled her purse with gold and silver from the upper kyu and -63kgs.

Although injury and illness kept Susan Phelan and Heather Murphy off the mats this year, both were immensely proud to see ‘their girlies’ taking the gold. Dónall McCann said he was ‘just glad to have hospitalised at least one of his enemies’.

No other club won as many medals, and next year’s battle will be fought right here in DCU. The Judo Club committee is already working on what promises to be a memorable and exciting weekend.



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The Year So Far…

Shown above from left to right: Phil Cleary, Rob O’Donoghue and Mick McGuinness

In short, it has rocked hard.

The club began the year in debt, with just under 60 members and an average of about 8 showing up for training each Monday and Wednesday.

Since then, membership has risen to over 100 students, several who don’t even go to DCU. Shown above are two UCD students who regularly venture all the way out to DCU to train and test the patience of our coach, Mick McGuinness.

Despite the increase in mat-fees, there hasn’t been less than 15 at a single training session all year! The club also held a table quiz and a treasure hunt, raising enough money to feed Anthony for at least a week – no easy task!

Everybody who went up for the grading this Christmas passed it. Having witnessed their ability to harm each other, Santa brought yellow belts to thirteen former-beginners.

The intervarsities competition is coming up in February, and after a narrow defeat last year DCU Judo will be looking to take the gold. We’d encourage anybody who is at all interested in competition Judo to get involved, as it is always a brilliant event. The inters are in NUI Galway this year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the judo has been mighty, and the laughs tasteless and at the expense of others. Let’s keep it up for the second semester!

Check back here for updates and any ska that’s goin…



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Crouching Children Hidden Mosque

For most of people, Sunday morning means lying in, relaxing and dozing off the effects of Saturday night’s antics.

For Susan Phelan, Anthony Guinan and Devin Anderson of DCU Judo, however, it meant waking up at the crack of dawn to treck out to a mosque in Clonskeagh to what they suspected would be a Judo competition. They were half right.

Pulling into the carpark they were.. let’s say… disturbed.. by the proliferation of ankle biters around. You would have thought the stand selling judo teddies would have given it away. Or perhaps it was when Devin, who had forgotten his judo suit, tried to purchase one only to be told “Sorry, I only have ones for up to twelve year olds with me today”.

Yes. It was a childrens’ competition.

Devin was quite content to sit this one out, having no gi to wear. Anthony was not as easy going, and insisted he be entered into the tournament on the grounds that his girlfriend referred to him as “a big baby”.

Parents of 12 year old, Tommy Boyle, debated Anthony’s claim, insisting with a pun that the regulatory officials were making a big mosque-stake. Competitor Amy Nooney also pointed out that he was “a big smelly head”.

Despite these remarks Mr. Guinan went on to thwart all opposition in the 31kg + category and he was crowned Islamic Cultural Center Champion 2009. A medal is a medal, and DCU Judo now has one more gold to its name!

Devin Anderson

Competition held 25/10/2009

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Rollin’ in the New Year

Above: Heather Murphy, Susan Phelan and Anthony Guinan, with “Dr” John Tinsley in the background

With a display of sweeties and suspiciously acquired trophies, the unsuspecting freshers were lured into the clutches of the mighty and mischievous Judo Panda once again. Clubs and Socs week marked an undoubtable victory over the hearts and wallets of the local student population.

The year has only just begun, and club membership is already up by 50% over the previous year. “We have soo many members now, if they all show up for training we’re f**cked”, joked club captain, Anthony Guinan.

Over 20 students showed up for training on the Wednesday evening of Clubs and Socs week, soon topped by a record 36 the following monday. No single training session at the DCU Judo Club has ever pulled that successfully before. Treasurer, Susan Phelan, was excited about the amount of girls that signed up this year, and says she looks forward to wrestling with each and every one. She encouraged the beginers, explaining “I’m just like any other girl – you kick a football to me and I scream! But I still love judo!”

Coach and Sensei, Mick McGuinness, said he was delighted to see so many new faces on the mats, and vowed to have them learning their first throws by the end of the night. Several stylish o-goshis and o-soto-garis performed on yours truly can attest to his success.

The committee has put in for for more training mats in this year’s grant application. If the takings of membership on C&S week are in any way indicitive of how many can be expected at training, they’re gonna need em!

Devin Anderson


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